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Flexible Spending Accounts Save Money

If You Think Filing your FSA is as much fun as Filing Your Taxes, we're here for you!

Bring us your healthcare bills, receipts, and insurance documentation and we'll prepare the filing for you... We charge a flat fee of just $49.95 to complete your annual filing preparation. All that's left for you to do is sign and mail or fax the documents to your FSA administrator. Read more >

Surprise! Your Account Is In Collections!

More Medical Accounts in Collection

“What do you mean, my account has been referred to collections? I have insurance coverage that should have paid it!” We're hearing more and more of this complaint as collection activities for medical bills increase due to the economy. Most people don't realize there is a simple way to keep this mistake from affecting their credit scores. Read more >

Funding My FSA

How Much Should I Pay into My Healthcare Flexible Spending

If you don't use all the funds in your Flexible Spending Account during the year, the funds are forfeited. This fact prevents roughly 7O% of the people who have access to FSAs from using them. That's too bad because it is one of the few tax breaks most employees get on their healthcare costs and could save you thousands of dollars. Using our checklist will help you consider all your eligible, planned out-of-pocket expenses as you estimate your spending levels. Read more >

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